The First Date Went Well….But He Didn’t Call.

I hear this so much from my friends. They get so psyched up having been talking to a guy for a few days, maybe even a week before the first date rolls around and then its d day. Usually, they’ve been set up by friends or they met on some god-forsaken dating app.

Then it’s the ‘what should I wear’ ‘what should I say’ types of conversations the day before that I have to coach them through. I mean, I’m not exactly the dating guru. Yes, there’s been a few successful ones but my god has there been many disgraceful ones too. Nevertheless, I’m on the other end of the phone telling them the do’s and don’ts. And then off they go, having already thought about marrying the guy before even laying eyes on him in person…(oh please, don’t roll your eyes, we’ve all done it.)

It’s the type of chemistry that makes you want to know more, hence going to meet the guy and not spending the rest of your living days typing utter rubbish to him on message. They arrive at the date and start getting to know each other. Problem is, I’m not there so I can’t REALLY tell you how this part goes down between them, I just hear one side afterwards and we all know there’s three sides to every story…hers, his and the truth.

Then 2am rolls round and my phone starts vibrating…not a care in the world for my status at that time of night but still, I take the call. The call from the girl who is head over heels with this new guy she’s just met and thinks she’s about to take his name…yes, yes after one date.

Anyway, I listen to this wonderful story of hearts and flowers and believe her when she says it went really well, the looks, the conversation, the flow of the night - you couldn’t’ ask for more. Until the following day. And the day after that and the day after that and…you get my drift, when he doesn’t call. EVER.

WTF happened?! Now, if this was the first time, I’d be baffled too but it’s not. It’s like the tenth. So what is it that us girls get so wrong from the first date? We thought it went well, they don’t call - meaning they’re just not that into us right? Well, yes maybe but on the other hand it could be a bunch of things - work, cold feet, different expectations or just simply shy.

Either way ladies, if you’re not prepared to make the first call after the first date - which I don’t actually think you should, then it’s done and he’s not the one for you. But a word of advice, put things into perspective. Don’t just believe and see what you choose too. Did the date REALLY go that well? Or did you just choose to believe it did?

There’s a reason he didn’t call and it may not be entirely you, but either way - keep your feet on the ground and your head out the clouds and keep pushing on. After all, there’s a lid for every pot…right?